1. Welcome to our online gallery

    There are several reasons why we started this online store, and we would like to share them with you, so you can get a better understanding.

    1. With 57% of daily media time being spent with online media, and online retail sales growing by 18% each year, we couldn't stay behind. Additionally, a lot of people just don't have time anymore to drive significant distances to visit galleries, and are used to shop everything online. So it was a logical step.

    2. We want to bring art into your living room, at your fingertips. We want you to be completely relaxed and in the right mood to make the right choice, and your home is the perfect place to do that.

    3. We want to bring art to everyone. As a gallery we regret art is only for the happy few. That is why our online store offers both standard and premium collections.

    4. Some people find it intimidating to enter a gallery, and are much more comfortable buying online. So we do hope you are as comfortable as you can be.

  2. Why buy artwork?

    Art has an emotional connection. When looking at art, people have different emotional connections. Art is also a form of expression: like clothes, car, interior and architecture, art tells a lot about their owner, art is a great way to express and show ones feelings, beliefs, attitudes and emotions. Art is a good investment. And with more and more information available via social media and the internet, it has become trendy to buy art.

  3. Why do we ship for free?

    We strongly believe in quality products and aim to offer impeccable service.
    Just as you wouldn't like to pay extra for the ice cubes in your cocktail, you won't be charged for shipment as this is part of our commitment.